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satellite offices

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Remote work is not only on the rise but becoming more and more of a necessity in the current year. Many require a place to work away from the distractions of a creatively fashioned home office.

What is a satellite office?

Satellite or branch offices as they are also referred to offer spaces which are separate from a company’s main office. Some companies own these satellite spaces and others choose unaffiliated serviced office companies. The latter benefiting from a host of cost benefits and location independence.

Branches can vary drastically in size. From the company employing key members who require somewhere closer to home in more rural areas to large areas such as entire floors or buildings with a large team or even several teams. It just depends on the needs of the companies.

Benefits of satellite offices

Choosing satellite offices allows companies to branch out over large areas. As we’ve seen with some larger companies, branching out across whole countries! But for smaller businesses this can be just as effective and certainly more cost effective when employing those who may not be needed in the immediate vicinity of the business. Or the benefit of customers having a physical base closer to where they live.

When new markets reveal themselves in new locations, it saves a lot of time, money and stress placing some key staff members in a serviced office within that area. Rather than the headache of buying or building new properties to maintain. Or those short to medium term projects in different locations which don’t require a long term location.

Is a satellite office right for your business?

One of the main reasons satellite working may be right for your business is the same reason this type of working is currently on the rise. Working from home may now represent how many of us work now. But over time we are realising that the home environment is less than ideal when trying to remain productive in the long run.

Giving workers a place to go in order to separate their home and work lives is not only beneficial in reducing their feelings of isolation but can in turn improve their productivity. A happy worker is a more productive worker after all. Serviced offices are adapting to these specific needs. Creating small 1 to 2 person offices allowing a safe, socially distanced space to work without the many distractions of home life.

Find out if you can benefit from serviced office space. Take a look at our range of memberships including single person offerings within a clean and safe environment.

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