storytelling in business

The Art of Storytelling in Business

Business meetings across the land are throwing around the buzzword “storytelling”. What this means is that it has become essential for businesses to project a story that speaks to their customers. Here we’ll discuss just some of the reasons why it has become so important…

Making memories

We often forget that the stories we hear as we go through life are the same stories that have been told from generation to generation. Granted these stories are often tweaked and renewed but the core tenets are usually always there. Good vs evil, the underdog story or the kind of vulnerability that looks good on mighty corporations. But a more compelling (and perhaps profitable) reason is that a brand will stay in consumers’ hearts and minds for a very long time.

Content hungry consumers

With consumer’s information seeking habits, feeding from the internet like it’s a fast depleting life source, content is something businesses must constantly offer up. The benefit of storytelling here is that it can always be added to, changed or modernised so that there is always something to be discussed.

Deeper connection

The intrinsic value of your product or service is still in it’s function but what storytelling does is pull on those emotional strings as well as selling the product simply for what it is. Whichever emotions a story evokes; the best stories are those which can bring out the most of them. Having come out of a cinema pumped or angry, crying to that song no matter how many times it’s played or becoming lost in your thoughts as you sink deeper into the pages of a book. These are all incredibly engaging and are all so effective through the art of storytelling.

Be authentic

This is another important point we mentioned in our last blog, whythe human touch can’t be replaced in business. Honesty is often the best policy when it comes to the trust of consumers by being up front about not only the strengths of the business but also the weaknesses. The “monomyth” story of identifying a weakness and fighting to overcome it shows strength in vulnerability and is a fantastic tool for humanising any company.

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