Top tips on keeping fit at the office

keeping fit at the office

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If you’re looking to get so ‘swole’ you’ll be bursting out of suits like Meghan Markle (wait for it…), then this article probably isn’t for you. But those of you hoping to stay a little more active throughout your day at the office, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our top tips on keeping fit at the office.

Get your steps up

We recently discussed one of the greatest advantages emerging from the rising popularity of coworking spaces. The rise in working close enough to your home that you can walk to work. We don’t suggest getting rid of your morning coffee but walking is another way to get your heart rate moving. And nothing wakes your mind like a brisk walk and burst of fresh air. Even if you do drive or take public transport to work, consider parking a little further away (where parking could be cheaper, bonus!) or getting off a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way.

Take the stairs

There are lots of small ways to do some extra cardio throughout the day. If your office building has a lift, one of the best things you can do is forget about it! Over time this simple step will help to strengthen your quads and build glutes of steel.

Walk and talk

Not many offices will have stately gardens to saunter around while you discuss the next moves in the interest of your business empire. But think how many hours are spent in meetings. Having your smaller or one-on-one meetings while walking will help with both health and efficiency.

Stand up for yourself

No really, stand up regularly for the benefit of your health. Like having bad form at the gym, sitting encourages poor posture and could increase your risk of injury. Don’t attempt to stand all day though. Standing for too long can be just as bad! Like most things in life, striking a balance will keep you happy and healthy.  

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