The Benefits of Implementing a Company Flexible Workspace

hybrid flexible workspace model

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Companies and businesses from around the world are embracing a hybrid work model, and it’s very clear why! Hybrid work models refer to an adaptable workplace plan where employees have the flexibility to work from home part time and then head to the office for the other portion of their week.

Although the recent pandemic originally pushed businesses in this direction, many are choosing to stay with the hybrid work model. Furthermore, even more companies and businesses are choosing to shift that direction for the first time!

The hybrid work model has many proven benefits. Ranging from the improvement of mental health and efficiency of employees to increased savings for the company or business. Check out our top 3 reasons why companies should make the change to a hybrid work model:

Improves Company Culture

Allowing employees to choose their work environment is a sure way to make them feel appreciated, trusted, and comfortable. As an alternative to companies owning or leasing their own space. There are options for companies who wish to adopt a hybrid work model to have memberships to locations where their employees can work part time.

Providing your employees with the ability to work from home part time where they can function independently and take a much-needed breath, will take away the common and unnecessary stressors often caused by working in a corporate building. Then, when it is time for them to clock some hours in the office. They can head to the part-time shared space for face-to-face meetings and collaboration with colleagues and managers.

Affordable Price Without Liability

Purchasing or even renting an entire building and then furnishing that space with the correct office equipment is an expensive venture. A price tag that can be daunting for organisations trying to downsize or simply just save money.

With a hybrid work model, your company can save thousands of pounds a month. Simply by not having to pay for:

  • utilities,
  • maintenance,
  • rent,
  • or any of the other liabilities that come with owning or leasing a building.

Allowing your employees to work from home part time and then in a flexible corporate workspace for the other half of their week could save your company thousands!

Proven Mental Health Benefits

According to an impressive line from Mental Health America, corporate employees indicated that “Respondents also said that remote work could help them reduce stress and improve productivity by reducing distractions during the work day (75%) and interruptions from colleagues (74%), keeping them out of office politics (65%), allowing for a quieter work environment (60%), and giving them a more comfortable (52%) and personalized (46%) work environment.”

Although allowing employees to work from home does have its added benefits. It is also suggested that they come together in person to socialise with their coworkers and accomplish tasks that are more efficient face-to-face. A hybrid work model is the perfect flexible option to provide employees with the freedom to work from home while also having the opportunity to function in an office part time!

LibertySpace is a flexible workspace company designed to help organisations provide comfortable and adaptable work experiences for their employees. From streamlined corporate office settings, cosy lounges, collaborative coworking spaces, and fully furnished meeting rooms complete with AV Equipment. LibertySpace has thought of all your company workplace needs!

LibertySpace has a variety of membership options for you to choose from when considering a hybrid work model. For more information about the services and spaces offered at Liberty Space, we invite you to Contact Us.

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