Four Benefits of a Flexible Licence Agreement

flexible licence

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Throughout the past year it has become inevitable that companies must look at how their business runs and evaluate the strategies which may need to pivot or change entirely. No matter how difficult, the world has kept on spinning and companies continue to be productive. A lot of us have been forced to take stock and re-evaluate how we live and work. One of the biggest considerations, of course, is how and where to work? A question that has raised the profile of flexible office contracts and memberships.

Flexible Space

This is where the benefits of a flexible licence agreement can really be seen. Much of the uncertainty can be avoided knowing your business won’t be tied into spaces which may no longer be suitable. Businesses can take small spaces and expand into a larger space when the time is right. Or the ability to create smaller teams in smaller spaces. Single person workspaces are rapidly becoming one of the most popular offerings in the ‘serviced office’ space.

Being able to select the best space for your current needs means spending only what you need to. Many of the benefits associated with a traditional lease have the added benefit of shorter term licences. It’s popularity is making it the new normal.


Another benefit is that, although flexible licences tackle the best way for businesses to move forward with peace of mind, it also helps to curb the problem of isolation. Smaller and private workspaces are perfect for productivity and the communal collaboration spaces provide an environment to network or flourish as a team. As well as taking time away from your desk for those much needed breaks!


A bonus to the last benefit, we at LibertySpace take pride in offering that personal touch in our service too. Each of our locations benefit from in-house community managers. They can help small businesses grow, resolve any queries you may have or just to have a chat with a real life human.


The benefit of flexibility doesn’t just apply to the amount of space you need. It’s also what you can do with the space itself. Being able to customise and design your space for your businesses needs is be a key requirement for a vast range of industries. Tell us how you would like to achieve your perfect workspace and we’ll be happy to help.

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