Returning to the Office – Would You Choose Flexibility or a Pay Raise?

returning to the office

Now that the world has a better understanding of how to handle the recent pandemic. Many businesses are asking their employees to return to work in the office. However, it is no secret that many employees have grown to enjoy working full-time or even part-time from home. Employees across the nation have proven that they […]

How To Ditch The Commute To Work And Avoid Rush Hour (With Remote Working)

cut the commute

Do you spend hours every day commuting to and from work? If so, you’re not alone. The average British worker spends over 200 hours a year commuting. That’s the equivalent of almost 5 whole weeks every year spent just getting to and from the office! The average cost of motoring has been calculated at 49p per […]

How to Improve Any Workspace: Tips and Tricks

improve workspace

Here in Britain, the average person will work 3,507 days over their lifetime including 204 days of overtime. How many of you are thinking “it feels like a lot more than that to me”? Yep, as a nation we spend a lot of time in the office (be that at home or not). So how […]