Returning to the Office – Would You Choose Flexibility or a Pay Raise?

returning to the office

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Now that the world has a better understanding of how to handle the recent pandemic. Many businesses are asking their employees to return to work in the office. However, it is no secret that many employees have grown to enjoy working full-time or even part-time from home.

Employees across the nation have proven that they can be just as or more productive while working from home. In fact, “When asked about home working, working adults stated work-life balance was the greatest positive” (Office for National Statistics).

On the other hand, it is understandable why businesses want their employees to come back to the office. As such, many companies are heavily considering moving towards a hybrid work model.

The UK Workforce Favors a Flexible Hybrid Work Model

A hybrid work model allows employees to continue to function from home part-time. With the understanding that they will return to the office for meetings and collaboration for the other part of the time. As reported by the Office for National Statistics, “Of working adults currently homeworking, 85% wanted to use a “hybrid” approach of both home and office working in future.”

It is also known that, if employees are forced to return to the office full-time they may request a pay raise to offset the commute costs. In fact, it is stated that “London office workers want an average pay rise equivalent to the cost of some annual railway season tickets to return to their desks full-time after the pandemic, according to a survey (Bloomberg).”

Benefits of Hybrid Work Model

  • Work-Life Balance for Everyone
  • Valuable Independent Work Time
  • Happier and More Content Employees
  • Less Time and Money Spent Commuting
  • More Work Gets Done on Scheduled Office Days

To satisfy their employees and to reduce costs, many businesses are choosing to adopt a hybrid work model. That is, they allow employees to work from home part-time and implement weekly schedules where employees meet in an office space for meetings and collaborative in-person work.

Companies such as LibertySpace offer luxurious, fully functional office spaces for companies wishing to adopt a hybrid work model. From private offices and collaborative coworking spaces to meeting rooms and even storage options. Liberty Space has everything needed for a company wanting to allow its employees to work in-office part-time. For more information about how LibertySpace can help your business transition into a hybrid work model, we invite you to Contact Us!

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