Choose What is Right for Your Business– Coworking or Office Space?

coworking or office space

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Not every business or company requires a large building packed with individual office spaces to function successfully. While working in an office space comes with its benefits, operating in a coworking space has its own perks too!

According to SmallBizGenuis, “Coworking statistics show that about 3.1 million people are currently using coworking spaces around the world. This number is estimated to grow to over 5 million in the next few years.”

Since both types of workspaces have their benefits, it’s up to each individual business owner to determine what type of work environment is best for their employees!

The Benefits of Working in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are open lounge-like workspaces where individuals or even groups can come to work independently or collaboratively. Typically, these coworking spaces are open to people from many different organisations. And they are all free to work independently in the same area.

Coworking Space Benefits:

  • Collaborative Environment
  • Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Community Feel
  • Flexible Seating

While working, do you thrive when surrounded by other motivated professionals? Do you enjoy flexible seating and desk options while working? If so, a coworking space may be perfect for your workflow!

If you are looking to grow your network, then coworking can be a fantastic option for you. A coworking environment usually has a community from all sorts of industries. If you need a graphic designer, a plumber, or even a physiotherapist, if there’s not one in the building then someone will know one.

You can also use coworking as an opportunity to showcase your skills. Perhaps it’s a bit of free advice at the water cooler. Maybe it’s getting your name into the centre newsletter that month. It could even just be striking up conversation in the business lounge. You can use the space to get word out there about what you do.

The Benefits of Working in an Office Space

On the flip side, office spaces are typically more private for those who prefer to work with little distraction. In addition, office spaces have a more traditional and formal vibe compared to the more open coworking spaces.

Office Space Benefits:

  • Complete Privacy
  • Quiet and Peaceful
  • Consistent Work Space
  • Independent Work Environment

Does your business require you to work independently and with some privacy? Do you prefer to have your own space to function? Office spaces are perfect for those who need to work independently or only amongst those from the same company.

This can also be useful if you tend to have intellectual property that you share amongst colleagues. Having your own private office can make it easier to share this without the potential of anyone else to catch a glimpse of it.

A lot of centres will have private offices of varying size so whether you’re a massage therapist or a recruitment agency, it’s worth contacting your local centre to see what’s on offer.

What Is Right for Your Business?

Choosing the right work environment for your business can be a tough decision! The team of professionals at LibertySpace are happy to help you weigh your options between coworking or office spaces.

There are a number of options available. You could grab a private office. Perhaps a fixed desk in a coworking area is ideal for your needs. Maybe you just want somewhere to work when you travel about, and a hotdesking business lounge membership ticks all the boxes for you. All of these can help provide a home for your business that helps you thrive.

Get started today, and Contact the Liberty Space team for more flexible workspace information!

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