Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress

reduce work stress

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It’s funny. When we’re most stressed out, the thing that tends to tip us over the edge is being told to ‘relax’. This is not an intended tipping point but we do have some easier ways of restoring some balance when you start to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. As the saying goes “even Atlas shrugged” meaning that when that weight becomes too much, even the most important things will be dropped.

To start you on your way to a happier and healthier work day, here are some easy ways to reduce work stress:

Positive Outlook

This may be one of the most difficult methods of stress relief to achieve as it is so difficult to see the bright side when you’re at the bottom of works’ rabbit hole. Even from that position, once you find that small gap of light, it gets progressively easier to follow it. The important part is to start looking for positives to begin with.

We had mentioned in our last blog post The Necessity of Failure in Business the importance of resisting perfectionism. One way to relieve stress is to change the outlook on how you perceive your failures as well as when you get it right first time. Learning to embrace and learn from mistakes will make life far less stressful than worrying over every mistake. Especially when we have the tendency to be our own worst critics!

Get Plenty of Sleep

This is the vicious cycle of stress leading to a worse quality of sleep then that lack of sleep contributing to stress! Once you’re in this cycle it can be understandably difficult to get out of. There are so many articles with hacks about how few hours you can go without sleep if you follow certain sleep cycles. This is down to the bravado some need to justify running themselves down for the sake of bragging rights. However, the general consensus is that 8 hours of sleep is optimal for peak performance. Operating under any less sleep is bound to stress anyone out and is likely to decrease concentration and thus the quality of any extra ‘productivity’ supposedly gained.

Stress Free Work Environment

The environment you work in can contribute to stress significantly. One way to avoid some of the stress that accompanies your work day like the ghost of sadness is by choosing the right type of work space that lends itself to you and what you need from it.

The likes of serviced work spaces have Front of House teams similar to hospitality who can carry some of the burden when it comes to completing the work day efficiently and effectively. Their roles can cover event planning, networking, sales, IT and even lend an ear in times of crisis. The ability to complete those small every day tasks add up to make your day less stressful and allow you to concentrate on the things you want to prioritise.

If you are interested in taking your business into a professional space, you can contact us at: info@libertyspace.co.uk or through our website at libertyspace.co.uk  

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