thrive in coworking space

Reasons you’ll thrive in a coworking space

With the wide range of freelancers, remote workers and everyone in-between benefitting from shared, communal spaces in a professional setting, it’s no surprise that traditional work spaces are looking to this environment for inspiration in improving productivity.


These spaces differ from traditional office spaces in terms of diverse opportunity as well as the individualism to bring your whole self to work each day. There is less of the internal office politics found in the typical work environment as most people who use coworking spaces are from a broad range of companies, projects and ventures.

When working around others who are in very different fields or who possess different skills, it becomes easier to see your own work as more meaningful as you won’t be constantly comparing yourself to the person next to you. What’s even nicer about having such an eclectic bunch around you is that it breeds a culture of helping each other out as well as creating new business opportunities, big and small.


Coworking spaces provide the type of environment where people can come and go depending on what their needs are for that day. We are increasingly getting away from the typical 9-5 platform where it would be seen as strange to up and leave the office. The way business is being done these days requires this sort of flexibility to meet clients when it is most convenient for them. Flexibility of time can be beneficial if you want to burn the midnight oil completing a project or managing your time around other commitments. There isn’t that feeling of a watchful eye and so you feel like a trusted member of the team who knows what needs to be done rather than a worker bee that should get in line.

While having this flexibility on your side, coworking spaces also produce a more productive environment. The other side of the coin is that having a community of independent coworkers around you will bring about more structure and routine than if you were working from your kitchen table.


It isn’t always easy getting to large cities from rural areas and vice versa. Even when there is an office available for you to go to, it isn’t always as ‘available’ depending on where you live. Businesses providing services to the local community can also utilise coworking spaces when a more professional space is needed such as holding a meeting or collaborating with a group. Having a base which is convenient for everyone can make all the difference.

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