How Much Office Space Per Person? The Benefits of Giving Employees Enough Space

how much office space do you need?

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When choosing office space, one of the first things to consider is how much space your employees need to be productive. While you don’t want to overspend on unused space, it is important that your staff feels comfortable.

On one hand, too much space can make staff feel isolated and unable to collaborate effectively. However, too little space can make staff feel cramped and unable to obtain the room needed to operate fully. As you can see, there is a delicate balance between too much room and too little space.

In this blog, discover how much space is needed per employee and the value of giving employees enough space!

How Much Office Space is Needed Per Person?

According to the Health and Safety Executive, “The total volume of the room [office space], when empty, divided by the number of people normally working in it should be at least 11 cubic metres.” That is, the average staff member needs around 11 cubic metres to operate and efficiently complete tasks.

This article by the Health and Safety Executive goes on to point out that the room shape, furniture, and decoration should be considered as well. You don’t want to measure out the perfect space to then pack it so full of furniture that staff are stepping on each other’s toes.

Even if someone is working in the space independently, it needs to be roomy enough to ensure they don’t feel smothered. Picture yourself sitting in the office space with other staff members. How much room would you need to feel as though you could breathe and be productive? How far would you like to be from any coworkers?

Essentially, employees need enough room to have their own space to escape to when completing independent tasks. At the same time, they need to have access to coworkers for instances when they need to work together to accomplish a common goal. As it turns out, coworking spaces are the best route to go to ensure you are giving your staff an adequate amount of room to work.

What Are the Benefits of Giving Staff Enough Space?

Although they are there to serve your business and to perform a job, people enjoy having their own designated space to be productive. As stated by Inc., “while collaboration and inclusivity is important, there still needs to be quiet areas available for independent thinking and private meetings.”

Businesses that are considerate of giving staff enough space reap the benefits of maximised productivity. Rather than taking on the mindset that less pace equals more money saved, consider giving your employees a bit of extra elbow room to focus.

Top Benefits of Providing Plenty of Office Space:

  • Comfortable and Content Staff
  • Creates a Positive Work Atmosphere
  • Promotes Collaboration and Productivity
  • Provides Opportunity to Spread Out and Focus
  • Serves Both Extrovert and Introvert Personalities

Find Plenty of Room in Cowork Spaces

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