Where to Rent Office Space in Glenrothes – 9 Local Spots!

where to rent office space in Glenrothes

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From the fascinating historical attractions to the thriving business sector, it’s no wonder why office spaces are quickly growing in demand in Glenrothes. Whether you are simply looking for an empty room or you are seeking a more serviced experience. We’re here to give you the details on where to go when looking to rent office space in Glenrothes.

Glenrothes has a scattering of available office spaces to rent. However, not every office rental location is built equally! While some come with helpful and convenient amenities, others are simple rooms waiting for you to add your own personal touch.

Before you jump in and sign a contract, it’s important to consider your needs and preferences in an office space. Here’s our rundown of some of the top office rental spaces in the Glenrothes area.

The Court House

Nestled in nearby Kinross, The Court House is celebrated for its visually-pleasing aesthetics that were mindfully designed to help businesses get more work done. In addition to the historic building being beautifully restored. The Court House is known for offering flexible workspaces, small private offices, meeting rooms and other essential amenities. Not to forget the on-site food and beverage offering.

Workspace Kinross

Pentland Court

Located close to the railway station and just within a 1-mile reach of The Kingdom Centre. Pentland Court is a steel-frame building with office spaces that are both carpeted and heated. Although there are no in-house meeting rooms, tenants do have access to one in a nearby location.

Pentland House

With office spaces that can fit between 1 and 15 people, Pentland House is a modern building with an attractive slanted and new-age appearance. Furthermore, this location is advertised to have quite a bit of space for both commercial and industrial uses.

Flexspace (Two Locations)

Close by in Kirkcaldy, Flexspace sports two locations. One being located in the Mitchelston Industrial Estates and the other in the John Smith Business Park area. These basic office spaces include amenity options such as furniture, and are quite close by to surrounding retail and restaurant options!

Enterprise Hubfife

Stocked with furniture, technology, and any other amenities a business may need, Enterprise Hubfife has spaces designed to promote collaboration and productivity. Enjoy a contemporary atmosphere with glass rooms and metal decor.

Edison House

For businesses seeking just a plain space to rent with no added amenities, this budget-friendly location may be the right spot for you! The Edison House is an industrial space advertised to come with a security system as well as storage options.

New Law House

In addition to having your business houses in a lovely brick building, you can look forward to modern electricity and a security system through the New Law House. Although these rentals do not come with added resources such as furniture, coworking spaces, etc., this building does have a classic vibe that many would enjoy.

Saltire House

Located in the old Tax Office, Saltire House truly embraces the concept of modernised workspaces! From private offices and coworking spaces that encourage networking, to meeting facilities and even podcast rooms. Saltire House amenities don’t skip a beat.

Workspace in Glenrothes

Are you a business owner looking for the perfect workspace solution? Give your business the start it needs by renting a workspace through Saltire House in Glenrothes. This location’s all-in-one office rental space solutions were created to help businesses save money and flourish. Reach out and enquire today.

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