Where to work when home isn’t an option?

alternatives to working from home

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Back in 2020, workplaces across the nation closed in an attempt to stave off the spreading of the Coronavirus. What may have been considered erring on the side of caution then has fast become a large increase in people working from home.

Those who have worked from home before have struggled with the usual problems; like kids getting under their feet. But what happens when your home doesn’t have the infrastructure required to handle the productivity of an average work day?

Self-contained workspaces

Working from home may have been the hot topic of the last year or two, but now coworking is the hot trend. Here at LibertySpace we are lucky to benefit from a large building that can accomodate both private offices and coworking space. A feature which allows our community to go about their business, but also as part of a wider community within the building.

This means that you are able to get work done, but still have the benefits of a more sociable environment.


The old adage may be true “technology is great, when it works”…

Employees working from home will struggle if they don’t have the high data speed required for large file uploads, video conferencing, creative digital media etc. Another element to consider when weighing up the benefits of coworking. Opting for a more professional environment with a robust technological setup can make all the difference to the agility of your business.


With a coworking space, productivity may be better than ever! Many companies already favour distributed teams for this very reason. One way for companies to keep their employees happy when accommodating a more flexible work experience is to allow them to cut their commute by working from a coworking space.

This means that employees are still in a place of work, but in a much more comfortable and relaxed environment that is closer to home. Many people find working from home an isolated experience and the buzz of a coworking centre can be just what’s needed to beat the boredom.

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