Working from home is a whole other thing when you can never leave.

working from home

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For many years we’ve helped people find workspace so we’ve heard all the horror stories of working from home- and amidst a global pandemic the story is no different. People across the land are suddenly working from home with little to no warning. Creating makeshift desks out of ironing boards, clothes hampers and ping pong tables to name just a few.

Work/Life Balance

What’s even worse? The fact you can’t go out and do all those extra curricular activities you used to! Escapism is enjoyed out in reality too. The early morning gym trips, those evening classes, making connections through friends and work life. These aren’t chores to get through, they are time to take care of yourself, part of life’s balance. When that balance is disrupted, so is the world around you. Those more optimistic might be saying to themselves, “I’m going to spend my evenings writing that novel/putting up those shelves/getting prison ripped with home workouts!” and good for you if you can manage it. However, the road to overdoing it is paved with good intentions. How many of these intentions will stick with all the same distractions keeping you from being as productive as you can be.

This Too Shall Pass

Not only is your freedom to get out and enjoy the outside world hindered. But the freedom from everything and everyone inside the home. The little munchkins become gremlins when not being entertained around the clock and schnookums’ idiosyncrasies don’t seem quite so cute when they’re always beside you. That being said, it’s important to remember those times when you wished you could spend more time with your loved ones. Now is the time to stay positive and make the most of your time together knowing it won’t be forever.

As the old adage goes, to get out of the forest you have to go through it. The good news is while we all take the necessary precautions; this too shall pass. We’ll have your new workspace escape waiting for you when you get through.

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