Why the Human Touch can’t be Replaced in Business

human touch can't be replaced

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Recently we’ve discussed the changes of business in the modern world. Specifically, the effects of technology and what it means for businesses. This got us to thinking that no matter how advanced technology gets, we will always respond well to human interaction. Consumers now more than ever crave the personal touch when it comes to deciding who they give their business to. Businesses are catching on to this with efforts to at least appear more personable if unable to give truly personal service.

Thinking outside the box

The progress of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely something we see companies investing in. Greater ability to deliver clear, insightful and more specific information to the end user is by no means unwanted. However, some perspectives will be lost on technology designed to consider profit over the customer. This is why technology hasn’t quite made it into service roles for example, but not for lack of the bright sparks trying. Consumer tastes are very different no matter how much consumers are swayed to be part of the crowd. Inevitably, there will be instances where technology cannot understand the nuances of the wide spectrum of emotions we feel as consumers.

Being in the people business

Whichever industry, field or type of business it happens to be, being people oriented will undoubtedly be good for business. Satisfaction is the aim of the game and there’s no substitute for relating to others on a personal level. It’s incredible how loyal customers can be even in these times of cut-throat competition vying for their business. It’s simple, ‘Take care of people and people will take care of you’.

The importance of authenticity

Chat bots and the like are getting better, sure. But it’s still more frustrating than satisfying when trying to solve a problem. Scripted, automated responses may increase your reach but there are few instances if any of truly connecting with the customer or indeed the business at the other end. Authenticity can’t be faked. Which is why hiring the right people is so important in any industry. Personalities have to match up with the company’s core values in order to think on their feet and deliver in the right way for your customers as well as the most efficient.

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