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new business trends

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As with every generation, the way of the world is changing. And with it, the way we make purchases, spend our free time and of course do business. So here are some examples of emerging business trends for forward-thinking entrepreneurs to capitalise on!

Peer to Peer Entrepreneur Groups

There are a variety of unique lessons that are learned along each entrepreneur’s journey. Digital media is great for several reasons but when it comes to learning from others’ experiences, it is proving popular to meet in person.

Many entrepreneurs feel isolated when starting out. There isn’t the same structure they may be used to and everything involved can be daunting when you’re starting out. These peer to peer groups are increasingly popular for their sense of purpose and connection with those at a similar stage.

Demand for Professional Organisers

Earlier this year saw new series “Tidying Up” appear on Netflix. This one series has sparked the interest of many who otherwise would not have been able to see where their own skills may be utilised in service of others. And if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free…

Similar to the likes of personal trainers, this service may no longer be just for celebrities and those in flighty positions. The lives of all of us can be hectic at times and professional organisers may be the hottest new trend you didn’t know you needed!

Circular Economy for Sustainability

From small businesses to captains of industry, we as a society are realising the value of the circular economy. It may not be a magical fix for our environmental woes but it all helps. Especially the consumer’s conscience. This is another opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition.

The likes of “fast fashion” are still going strong but the tide is slowly turning as consumers wake up to the future ramifications. Properly treated and restored, popular everyday items such as jeans can be made from recycled denim or old tyres being used for the soles of your shoes!

Personalised Experiences

With a wealth of personal data at the fingertips of many businesses, it is now possible to tailor many experiences to each individual. Customer service agencies have notes from each conversation had in the past, hotels are increasingly aware of which type of room you prefer with your favourite newspaper waiting for you and the opportunities to upsell are just as great.

The importance of getting on board with these personalised experiences may even become essential as consumers not only want these experiences but come to expect them.

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