5 Things the Movie “Office Space” Taught Us About Work Life

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Despite the fact that today’s media would likely cancel director Mike Judge’s movie Office Space.  Much of the film is spot on to what we see in offices today. With it being over 2 decades after its release, Office Space still provides viewers with life lessons that mirror our own experiences at work.

Here are a few things we learned about work-life from the movie:

Change Can Be Rejuvenating

While dedication and a strong work ethic are still valuable traits when pursuing your career, don’t let that blind you from seeing when change is necessary. Not only can a job change result in an average pay increase of 9.7%, it also keeps your career fresh and enjoyable (CNBC). Office Space’s Peter Gibbons portrays this after he completely changes the direction of his career.

Office Culture is Paramount

Creating a positive vibe and culture within your business directly affects productivity. Not to mention the overall happiness of all employees. Toxicity among staff (i.e. the 8 bosses from Office Space micromanaging their staff to avoid conflict) can lead to fires that no pizza party could ever put out.

If adequately addressed by leadership before his breakdown, Peter would have enjoyed work more. And he probably would have produced more solid work than the 15 minutes a week portrayed in the Office Space movie.


Your Mental Health Matters

Office Space dives deep into the impact a negative workplace culture has on its employees. Through ideations of suicide to references of going postal and literally burning the place down. We learn that work-life balance is crucial. Allowing employees a little room to breathe and recognising that they have a life outside of work can enhance the overall morale and productivity of the office.

Allow Personal Freedoms

Most businesses are catching onto the fact that, employees don’t have to dress up every single day to be effective in their roles at work. It is more conducive to a positive workplace culture if employees are allowed to dress comfortably and express their personalities freely.

In fact, as stated by The Qualifind Group, “Casual wear makes employees feel much more comfortable, and this leads to more relaxed interactions with one another.” Employers who allow a less stuffy office space environment reap the benefits of having a relaxed and less anxious workforce.

“Don’t Forget the TPS Report Cover Sheet”

Ideally, with a well-established positive organisational culture, praise and positive engagements will inspire employees to overproduce. As we saw in the movie Office Space, regular teachings and snippy reminders are demoralising and defeating. A good company makes you want to remember to add the “TPS Report cover sheet” but will also forgive you if you happen to forget.

The Perfect Office Space for Your Business

Creating a positive workplace culture starts with giving each of your employees the room they need to flourish. Check out our article for more information about how much office space you need for your staff!

Here at Liberty Space, we’ve designed our flexible workspaces to be conducive to a happy, healthy, and productive work environment. Reach Out today to receive more information about the hybrid work model and how you can use flexible workspace solutions to elevate your business!

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